The Wandering Rebel

1st and 2nd Battles of Manassas (Bull Run)

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1. Union Canon
2. Here General Barnard Elliott Bee of South Carolina, trying to rally his command yelled "Form, Form, there stands Jackson like a Stone Wall, rally behind the Virginians." Just as he finished, a mini-ball struck him in the head killing him instantly. His men did rally with the Virginians to win the day.
3. Stonewall
4. The Henry House
5. Grave of Judith Henry who was killed in her home during the battle. She is said to have said "I was married in this house. My children were born in this house, buried some from this house. I'm not leaving."
6. & 7. Views of the lane leading up to the home of James Robinson.
8. The foundation of the James Robinson home. James Robinson was a freed slave. During the morning of 1st Manassas hundreds of Confederate soldiers streamed through his fields as they retreated from the Union attack. The property suffered little damage during the battle, however, Union troops sacked the house and fields during 2nd Manassas. Congress awarded the family $1,249 in damages by a Private Act of March 3, 1873.
9. "Stonewall" Jackson's canon facing the union guns shown in #1.
10. From this fence, the raw recruits of the 33rd VA Infantry charged the Union canon, about 100 yards away. Col. A. C. Cummings had his men sneak as close as they could and then charge, he thought he needed to get the recruits moving before the panicked and the Union guns did more damage
11. & 12. Two views of The Old Stone House, used as a hospital during 1st Manassas.
13. The Unfinished Railroad. These cuts and fills are all that remains of teh Manassas Gap Railroad from the 1850's. Their goal was to connect Gainesville 5 miles to the west with Alexandria, 25 miles to the east. The company ran out of money and this was as far as the work ever got.
14. People were on their way to worship, most already in this church yard, when thousands of Union soldiers suddenly appeared, Within minutes gunfire could be heard from the direction of Matthews Hill. As the wounded staggered back the Union turned this church into a field hospital, using the alter as an operating table.
15. Groveton Confederate Cemetery. Of the 286 soldiers buried here, only two are fully identified. The United Daughters of the Confederacy established this cemetery and had remains reinterred here in 1866.
16. & 17.  Markers for Gouverneur Warren's Zouaves regiments. 2nd Manassas
16. The 10th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry (National Zouaves)
17. The 5th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry (Duryee Zouaves)
 On August 30, 1862, the Texas Brigade consisting of the 1st, 4th, and 5th Texas, 18th Georgia and Hampton's Legion of South Carolina Struck the now weakened Union line, pushing it back into the 5th and 10 Zouaves. In 10 minutes nearly 120 men of the 5th NY were lost, the greatest fatality of any Federal Infantry Regiment.
18. The end-point for 1st Manassas, the bridge over Bull Run.


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