The Wandering Rebel

Thomas Jefferson's
Monticello and Poplar Forest


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1. & 2. As we wait for our tour to begin we are struck by the beauty of the surrounding countryside.
3. You will walk through the opening in the hedge,
4. to the front steps of Monticello to begin your tour. (No pictures are allowed inside)
5. As you leave the house, you're shown the hole cut through the trees to enable Jefferson to oversee the construction on the University of Virginia.
6. The lawn side of the house as seen from one of the L-shaped porches.
7. From a little further down the porch.
8. This they refer to as the "Nickel Shot". If it looks familiar, look at the tails side of a nickel.
9. I'm using a Epson 870 2.11megapixel digital camera here, in panorama mode.
10. & 11. Perspective can make all the difference, both pictures are of the fish pond. Jefferson would have the fish caught in the river put in here until he was ready to serve them.
12. Summer Flowers around the lawn.

Poplar Forest

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13. Our first view of Poplar Forest was from the back side.
14. The first thing you notice is the shape, the structure has eight sides.
15. The front showing the hedge circled drive.
16. Another picture of the front and the drive. Poplar Forest was designed as a get-away for Jefferson. Rarely would he entertain here, other than for family or local neighbors.
17. Another view of the back, this time showing the "Offices" for the servants.


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