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The Wandering Rebel

This website is called the Wandering Rebel in honor of my Great-Grandfathers and Great-Great-Grandfathers who fought for the Southern Cause. The banner above was taken at Parker's Crossroads, Tennessee. The position shown was the starting point for the 4th Ala Cav, CSA, which was under Nathan Bedford Forrest. My Great-Grandfather, Pvt. William Lang was a member of Company E, 4th Ala Cav. and was taken prisoner at the end of the battle. Another Great-Grandfather, William Sampson was, also, in the 4th.  Close to the end of the 1st battle, several privates were sent to water the horses. At about the same time a second Union army attacked Forrest's army. When an aide told him, he responded "Well, attack 'em both ways."

The time period from April, 1861 to April, 1865 was the bloodiest in American history. It pitted brother against brother, cousin against cousin, and, on occasions, father against son. The toll it took on American families and culture took decades to repair. At the beginning of the war America looked at itself as a group of independent states, after the war's end, America became a unified country.

This website is dedicated to these two Confederate soldiers, and to all soldiers of the Second American Revolution, whether they wore grey, butternut, or blue.

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Flags of the Confederacy courtesy Kirby Smith Camp #1209, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Jacksonville, Flordia