The Wandering Rebel

How do I take a
Memorable Picture?

Anytime someone sees a great picture they will say, at least to themselves, "I wish I could take a picture like that." Well, here's how, be willing to take the picture over and over; try different settings until you get just what you want; look, at other pictures and at what is around you and be like Edison was when he was trying to invent the light bulb: he wasn't upset when it didn't work, he had found another way not to make a light bulb.

First, the Memorable Picture (Well, I think so, anyway.):
In 2006 we were in Washington during the month of July. One evening we decided to walk down to the World War II Memorial. As
we walked, we noticed a thunderstorm to the south-west moving towards the north-east. I realized that soon the Washington Monument would be directly between the storm and us. The picture below shows the monument with the thunderstorm off to the south. by rough guess, the lightning had to be over Mount Vernon.

Now, What did it take to get it?
, I am told that in the days of film cameras photographers for National Graphic would take suitcases full of rolls of film to be able to come back with 8 or 10 pictures for the magazine. If these men took that many pictures, hunting for just the right shot, why shouldn't you. Below are some of the pictures I shot trying to get the picture above. With our Digital Cameras we can afford to shoot as many pictures of a scene as we need to get the great one.


These are not all the shots I took, some I deleted right there on the spot. Be willing to take the shot over and over. Soon you will be producing pictures that everyone will be wishing they could take

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