The Wandering Rebel

Battle of Pittsburg Landing (Yankees call it Shiloh)

This is a fitting place to start our journeys. My family lost two people here, Robert Steven Lang, 49th Alabama Infantry, and Caleb Leedy, 20th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Robert Steven Lang was my father's Great-Grandfather and Caleb Leedy was my mother's 3rd cousin.

Views from the cabin beside the peach orchard. The 49th Ala Inf charged across the field towards the Union position on the
other side. Robert Steven Lang, a veteran of the Florida Indian Wars was, more than likely, killed somewhere in this field.

At the center of the battle is the Shiloh Methodist Church. Shiloh is Hebrew for "House (or Place) of Peace," But there was
no peace on Sunday, April 6, 1862. The middle view shows Union Canon lined up as they were during the battle. The body
of Albert Sidney Johnston was placed on the bench at the front left on the evening of the 6th.