The Wandering Rebel

Mount Vernon


2008 Cruise to Mount Vernon

I am presenting these pictures in the order that I took them.


The Ship

As we pull away from the dock our captain pointed out this memorial to the Titanic, and then reported no icebergs in the Potomac.

The Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial as seen from the channel

Another view of the Washington Monument

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Alexandria's Waterfront

Fort Washington
built across the Potomac to protect the Capitol

Another view of
Fort Washington

Our 1st glimpse of Mount Vernon

Washington's estate as seen from mid-channel on the Potomac

A view
from a
little closer in

A view just before docking

The Mount Vernon Dock


A view across centuries

These two had to go together


Working in the garden

As you look at the woman in the garden, notice that they did not seem to mind having weeds or grass there.

The oxen team hauling hay

Now doesn't my wife look ready
to join the hand
making hay?

16-sided barn
The reconstructed slave quarters from the outside

Slave quarters: Sleeping area with ladder up to the loft where children slept

Slave quarters: cooking area

Slave Quarters: the chicken coop

The walk up to the house

My wife at the front gate of the estate

A view from the bowling Green

The sundial

The dark yacht in the center is the old Presidential Yacht the Sequoia

Again, the dark yacht is the Sequoia


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