The Wandering Rebel

Jamestown Wanderings

The Re-enactment Center

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1. Reconstructed Indian dwelling
2. The interior
3. Sleeping area of the dwelling
4. Indian dugout canoe
5. & 6. Exterior of the fort.
7.  The Susan Constant
8. Quarters on the Susan Constant
9. Crew Quarters on the Susan Constant
10. Deck of the Susan Constant
11. Quarters on the Susan Constant
12., 13. & 14 Gun deck of the Susan Constant
15. The Captain's Cabin of the Susan Constant with a reproduction of the armor worn by her Captain, Christopher Newport
16. The Godspeed.
17. Firing one of the Godspeed's guns
18. Young tobacco plants in the field in front of the fort.
19. Canon on the stockade wall
20. The warehouse
21. Chapel
22. The Colony Blacksmith at work

The Historical Colony

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21. John Smith's Stockade, reconstructed
22. Monument erected on the 300th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, 1907
23. Matoaka, or Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan, wife of John Rolfe. She was known as Rebecca after her conversion to Christanity
24. The Jamestown Church. On this site, the settlers first stretched sails to form the cover for a place of Worship, then a wooden building was erected, and then a building like this was constructed around the wooden church to create this church. Inside you can look down onto the foundation for the wooden church.
25. If you are fortunate enough to visit Jamestown on Sunday, you will get the chance to worship in a church that has been used for, now, 400 years.
26. Anglican Churches of the 1600's tried to do away with the Cross. There is still one here but it is a little harder to find.
27. & 28. Views of the monument to Captain John Smith
29.A replica of the Cross erected by the settlers of Jamestown. In this time where we try to leave everything Christian out of our daily lives, let us remember that these people KNEW Who had brought them to this new world and Who would protect them.
30. A portion of the foundation of the House of Burgesses.
31. This marker inside the Jamestown Church honors Chanco, a Indian boy who Richard Pace had adopted after the youth's conversion to Christianity. On March 22, 1622, he warned Pace who had a plantation across the James River in, what is now Surry County. Pace and Chanco secured the plantation and Pace rowed about 4 miles to Jamestown to warn of the disaster.
32. The Church as seen from outside the stockade.
33. Aycock Home and Warehouse.
34. The Church as seen from the foundation of the Pub.
35. The Burial Ground beside the Church.
36. Plaques honoring Capt. John Smith and Pocahontas on the inner wall of the Church.


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