The Wandering Rebel

Texas Wanderings
Texas State Cemetery

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1 & 2. The grave of a sailor from the wreck of the Belle, La Salle's ship, interred here February 3, 2004
3 & 4. Texas 9/11 Memorial (The flag in the background of picture 2 and 4 is the same flag.)
5. Memorial marker for Charles Dyer who died in the battle of Shiloh, His body lies in one of the 5 trenches holding Confederate Soldiers.
6 to 11.. The Grave of Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston, killed at the Battle of Shiloh
12. Grave of Walter Prescott Webb, Historian and Author, graduate of Ranger High School 1906
13. Fred Gipson, Author
14. J. Frank Dobie, Author and Storyteller, Epitaph on back reads "I have come to value liberated minds as the supreme good of life on earth."
15 Cenotaph honoring James Michener, Writer.
16. James E. "Pa" and Miriam A. "Ma" Ferguson, Governors of the State of Texas, "Pa" was impeached and "Ma" elected to replace him.
17. Big Foot Wallace, the marker reads "Big Foot Wallace Here lies he who spent his manhood defending the homes of Texas. Brave, Honest and Faithful."
18. & 19. Stephen F. Austin
20. Grave of Benjamin McCulloch and his mother, Ben was a private in the Texas Revolution and a Texas General in the Civil War, he is known for his saying "Who'll follow Ol' Ben McCulloch", he was killed at the Battle of Elk Horn in Arkansas in 1862.
21. Grave of Congresswoman Barbara Jordon. Base reads "Eloquent Champion of Ethics and Justice We, The People salute."
22 & 23. Grave of Susanna Dickinson Hannig, Wife of Captain Dickinson, "Her name belongs to Texas History. She cast her lot with the Immortal Heroes of the Alamo. After its fall, with the "Babe" in her arms, she carried the news to Gen. Sam Houston at Gonzales."
24. Grave of Robert Rankin, of Virginia, Original member of the Virginia Society of the Cincinnati.
25. Marker to the memory of Joanna Troutman of Georgia. It reads "For The service she rendered to the cause of Texas Independence. Born in Crawford County Georgia, February 19, 1818, She lived to see Texas free and one of the mightiest states in the American Union and died August 1880. When Texas was struggling to establish her rights as a state in the Mexican Republic she sent forth an appeal for help. Georgia responded by raising a battalion of volunteers, and Miss Joanna Troutman, then 18 years of age, fired with her love of Liberty and the zeal of the volunteers, with her own hands made a beautiful Lone Star Flag and presented it to the Georgia Battalion and they landed in Texas with it in December 1835. The flag was symbolic of the Lone struggle Texas was making. The flag was unfurled at Velasco and later carried to Goliad where it proudly waved over the walls of that fortress. This flag was raised as National Flag on the walls of Goliad by Fannin when he heard of the Declaration of Texas Independence on March 8, 1836. It was constructed of white silk with an azure star of five points. On one side was the motto: "Liberty of Death", and on the reverse side in latin, "Where Liberty dwells there is my Country." The tattered shreds of this flag silently witnessed the murder of Fannin and his men at Goliad Sunday March 27, following. Gentle, pure, patriotic, the hands of Joanna Troutman wrought her love of Liberty into the beautiful Lone Star Flag which witnessed the sacrifice of the men who brought it to Texas as the Emblem of Independence."
27. Grave of John Connally. Gov. and Mrs. Connally were ridding with President Kennedy in Dallas, November 22, 1963.
28 & 29. Grave of Tom Landry, World War II Veteran, Football Player, and Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.


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